Loyalty Program Q and A

How does the app work?


3 ways to use the app to redeem or earn rewards:

  1. Points(lemons)- these are points that can be earned from purchasing drinks and be redeemed when enough points are collected
  2. Lemon Cards- These are digital or physical cards that can be purchased from the app, web, and in-stores. The Lemon cards are re-loadable and can be used for all your future payments as well as gifts that you can send to your friends.
  3. Coupons -From time to time we may have promotional campaigns that offer coupons for free drinks. These coupons each has a unique barcode and they often come with expiry date


Can I transfer my points from my old card to the app?


Yes you can. Simply bring your old reward card to your local store to transfer your point



Will I still be able to use my old reward card and gift card?


Yes, you will be able to continue using your old reward card until all points are depleted. However, you will not be able to collect points on it anymore. All future point collections and reward redeems will be on the new Happy Lemon app



Can I redeem with both points and coupons?


No, you can only use one promotional discount per purchase. Promotional discounts are not to be mixed together


Can I use points to redeem your waffle?


No, points can only be used for drinks


How does the reward points work?


1 point per every $7 spent

Every 10 points= one free drink( no waffle)


Can I add points by myself if I forgot to collect points at cashier for my purchases?


No, unfortunately we are not allow to add points after transaction.